Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Waking Up Early to Morning Radio

Recently, I rearranged my bedroom. I get restless. Things get moved.

But, I didn’t like how sluggish I was getting up in the mornings due to the different times I wake for class, so I moved my radio alarm clock to a dresser away from my bed. I can still get on my knees and lean forwards to hit the snooze, but, by then I’m out from underneath the covers.

The radio channel the alarm is set to used to be the local radio station but now is some channel further up the dial that play an interesting mix of older and new rock/pop.

Sometimes there is a pretty good song on when roused from my slumber. I remember waking up to Blister in the Sun a few weeks ago.

That was kind of a fun way to start the day and might help getting into University on time.